Helpful Links



As I said before, I am still in the process growing this website, which will be an ongoing project of mine for quite a while so allow me to point you in the direction of some helpful videos and other websites that I think will help in you grow as a saxophonist and musician. 

Where should I buy equipment?!

Believe me, I know that reeds and mouthpieces are expensive but you will get what you pay for. 

I believe that the first step of saxophone education begins in a concert band or chamber ensemble setting. My recommendations are going to reflect that ideology. If you are looking for a new jazz setup, please contact me for further information. 

Here are my recommendations:

Soprano Saxophone: Mouthpiece / Reeds

Alto Saxophone: Mouthpiece / Reeds

Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece / Reeds

Baritone Saxophone: Mouthpiece / Reeds

Ligatures: The Metal by Woodstone

Getting Better

Dr. Robert Young of UNCSA has a great Youtube Channel that contains great recordings of his past performances and even some helpful tips to help saxophonists. Here are some of my favorite videos that he has uploaded:

Learning Your Instrument

Matthew Stohrer of ‘Stohrer Music and The Open Source Saxophone Project has a fantastic YouTube Channel. This is the guy that really started my interest in saxophone repair. I can remember waiting for my saxophone to get serviced which sometimes requires a few days of leaving it at a repair shop. While I waited I found his videos on YouTube due to my curiosity of what was going on and then less than a year later, I was working at Consistent-C Winds. 

Despite the fact that Matt has never touched my horn and we have shared only a few conversations over the phone, I can say without a doubt that he would be one of the few I would trust leaving my horn with. Here are some of my favorite videos he has made: